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AutoTrimMarine is an automatic trim control system for boats. It utilizes existing sensors and actuators in the boat. It controls the stern drive´s trim and if applicable the trimtabs with the help of signals from the engine. It will run the boat smoothly, with the best possible trim and stability at all speeds.
When you accelerate, the AutoTrim reacts immediately and ensures that the stern drive and / or trim tabs adjusts accordingly so that the boat does not dig in with the aft part of the hull.
When you reduce the throttle the AutoTrim controls the stern drive and the trimtabs via the original sensors so that the boat does not submerge. When in motion, the boat assumes a better position in the water, which results in it being and feeling safer as a result of a more stable and more pleasant ride.
The advantages with Autotrim
  • More comfortable and safer driving
  • Fuel economy is continuously optimized
  • You can forget the trim buttons and concentrate on driving the boat
  • Autotrim is suitable for most engines
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Updated 2017-11-10.